Houston-Based Smart Power Systems

Since 1984, Houston-Based Smart Power Systems has manufactured and developed power protection products including uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), computer grade filters and automatic voltage regulators for the point of sale, copier, IT/networking, telecommunications, security, and office markets. Smart Power products have earned endorsements from leading industry vendors like Posiflex, Sharp, and Bell & Howell. Smart Power Systems’ development of the Transformer-Based Filter has been referred to as a break-through product in the power protection industry.

Smart Power Systems developed the patented TBF™ (Transformer-Based Filter) technology, as well as dozens of improvements to the field of power protection and conditioning.

The company maintains a 103,000 square foot manufacturing, R&D and administration facility in Houston, TX, as well as a manufacturing facility in Taipei, Taiwan.

Smart Power Systems’ Mission:

We strive to develop, manufacture and market power protection and conditioning products which provide the highest level of advanced power filtration technologies. We take pride in the reliability, safety, and cost effectiveness we provide for the markets we serve, as well as our superior customer service.

 Smart Power Systems: A power quality company