Office Plus - Battery Backup System with Electronic Power Conditioning
Venus UPS
Office Plus - Battery Backup System with Electronic Power Conditioning
Smart Cord for Kiosks
Copier Guardian - Electronic Power Conditioner
Smart30 - 3-phase and single phase industrial power protection
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We understand that you depend on power. No matter what type of business you run, we all rely on power the same and it is important to have the necessary backup and protection when things go wrong. That is why we make power protection and battery backup solutions, including uninterruptible power suppliespower regulators, and more. You never have to worry about what could happen to your electrical equipment.

As a trusted and reliable manufacturer of power products, we make it our goal to bring you quality devices that you can count on. Our complete line of power solutions give you the reassurance of knowing that no matter what issues come your way, your equipment will be safe.

Working with a variety of different industries, we believe in developing products you love and trust. Whether you need securityPOS systems, or IT protection, Smart Power Systems has your power and battery backup protection covered.

Watch our latest video to learn how to avoid power problems and save thousands


Do You Have Protection Questions?

Would you know if you were having a power problem?  Find out the symptoms of potential problems and learn how they may be affecting your equipment. More

Green Programs

We want to protect and preserve our environment in an effective way by integrating “green” measures into our manufacturing processes and developing plans. More

Protection for Point of Sale

From POS systems to copiers and fax machines, we understand how important your mission-critical equipment is for your business operations.  More


NEW! – iPCS Isolated Power Control Station

Isolated power control station with pure sine wave output, switchable receptacles, electronic power conditioner and power distribution control.  More


“…We have tested and authorized our touch solutions to work with Smart Power Systems power protection equipment…By offering power protection with every touch system installed, POS manufacturers and their channel partners can provide an affordable power protection solution that reduces costly tech support calls from customers…”

Michael Flores / Director of Business Development / Pioneer POS

“We installed a TBF™ at every computer and we have not had a single service call related to network drops, or mysterious error messages in the software for months!  Smart Power is #1 in my book, I recommend the TBF™ to everyone.  The TBF™ saved me tons of money.  I hope this story helps prevent similar problems for others.”

George Kane / 21st Century Programming

“We believe that Smart Power is the best you can buy for protecting your electronic equipment and we want to spread the word about this great product. 

ESP believes that every piece of electronics should be protected by Smart Power.”

James A. Raymer/President / Electronic System Products Co., Inc.