Mission-Critical Equipment Requires 100% Uptime

Mission-critical equipment such as unmanned kiosks, self checkout and POS terminals require 100% uptime. Battery backup system with a patented, integrated technology from Smart Power Systems is the one to deliver solid, uninterrupted power.

Avoid power problems and save thousands

Power problems cause businesses thousands of dollars in downtime every year. Your dads surge suppressor is not designed for today’s high speed digital environment. Whether you reside in office automation, point of sale, audio-visual, security or one of many industries we cater to, the need for better power protection is here, now.

Save thousands in service calls!

Smart Power Systems is a developer and manufacturer of power quality products. Our complete line of power quality solutions includes computer-grade filters, line conditioners, automatic voltage regulators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and power analyzers. Smart Power Systems provides comprehensive power protection for POS (point of sale) systems, copiers, computers and servers, voice and data communication systems as well as other mission critical equipment.

Our patented TBF™ technology is embedded in our UPS’s. Smart Power Systems provides Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS’s) ranging from 400 VA to 20KVA.

Proteja su equipo en contra de ruidos eléctricos dañinos

Smart Power Systems es diseñador y fabricante de productos protectores de corriente. Nuestra línea completa de protectores de corriente incluyen filtros nivel Computer-Grade, reguladores de energía automáticos, sistemas de suministro ininterruptido de energía (UPS) y analizadores de corriente.

Smart Power Systems provee proteccion de corriente para sistemas de puntos de venta, copiadoras, computadoras y servidores, sistemas de telecomunicación así como otros equipos de misión critica.

Nuestra tecnología patentada TBF™ esta dentro de cada uno de nuestros UPSs.

InfoComm 2016: SmartPower Systems Explains Smart Cord

POVP “Prolonged Over Voltage” Demonstration

Smart Power Systems demonstrates how its’ TBF™ Electronic Power Conditioners will not allow a rise and fall in voltage outside of a safe range. Which means a your connected equipment will not be damaged by such Swells and/or Sags in your voltage.

Missing Safety Ground Demonstration

Smart Power Systems demonstrates how it’s TBF™ Electronic Power Conditioners will not pass power to your connected equipment if you are missing your Safety Ground Wire at your receptacle. In the case of Faulty Wiring, (Missing Safety Ground), Smart Power System’s TBF™ Power Conditioners will remove the power to your sensitive electronic equipment.

GFCI Compatibility Demonstration

Smart Power Systems demonstrates how all of its TBF™ Power Protection products are GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) Compatible. Isolation Transformers are not and disable the safety feature of GFCI wall receptacles.

Electrical Line Noise Demonstration

Smart Power Systems demonstration of how our TBF™ Electronic Power Conditioners eliminate damaging and disruptive electrical line noise.