Power Protection for All-In-One Printers,
Fax Machines, and Other Devices

SmartSurge is the most effective power protector in its class. The SmartSurge is ideal for providing power, network, and telephone line protection for “all-in-one” office equipment. It also protects fax machines and “managed print services” devices. This commercial and industrial-grade surge protector can increase the lifespan of your office equipment, and it protects your investments.


• Small footprint
• RJ11 Phone / Fax protection
• RJ45 Network / Modem protection
• Resettable overload protection
• SINGLE OUTLET – This doesn’t allow excess power loads that could damage your equipment.


• Safeguards your connected equipment against destructive damage
• Provides protection for RJ11 (phone line) and RJ45 (networks and modem)
• Equipped with re-settable overload protection
• Single outlet protects your “all-in-one” equipment against excess power loads that could damage your equipment


Input/Output 120V
Output Current 15 AMPS
Noise Protection 20 dB
Transient Let Through Voltage <100 Volts
UL Surge Test 6000V/3000A 330V – 400V – 330V
Output Receptacles (1) 5-15R
Tel/Modem/Network Protection —- RJ11 RJ45
Cat. 5
RJ11 /
RJ45 Cat. 5
Size (H x W x D) (In.) 1.65 x 3.75 x 5.5

Specifications subject to change without notice


Applications for SmarSurge


SmartSurge Installation

Connected Equipment Protection Policy

Connected Equipment Protection Policy
At Smart Power Systems, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our power protection products. That is why we offer comprehensive $25,000 Connected Equipment Protection Policy. If the Smart Power Systems equipment fails and this failure allows a surge to pass through and damage the connected equipment, Smart Power Systems will pay for the repair or replacement of the connected equipment in accordance to our Connected Equipment Protection Policy. Click here for additional details on our Connected Equipment Protection Policy.