Battery replacement instructions

Sooner or later the UPS battery will have to be replaced. In order for the UPS to run as intended, it is recommended that you follow the installation instructions when replacing the battery. These instructions are also available in the user’s guide included with your UPS.

It is important that you use a Smart Power Systems battery to insure maximum performance and maintain your warranty. Batteries and battery chargers inside our uninterruptible power supplies are matched to provide maximum performance of the battery.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact customer support at 800-772-7633.

UPS Models

Office Plus UPS
Office-TBF UPS 
Venus Plus (Model SBP Plus 450VA to 800VA)
Venus Plus (Model SBP Plus 1000VA-1440VA)
Venus 2nd Gen (Model SBP)
Venus (Model SPV) – 400VA
Venus (Model SPV) – 600VA-800VA
SSP UPS – 1500-2000VA
DSS UPS – 1500-2200VA

To order Smart Power Systems certified batteries call
800-772-7633 or email [email protected]