The Guardian is an electronic power conditioner that provides power protection for electronic systems and other mission critical equipment

If you own or work with electronic equipment, then you know how important it is to have clean power for daily operations and overall efficiency of your business. Any kink in the system can lead to the loss of revenue, or even worse, loss of customers. So what are you supposed to do when you have power issues?

Voltage spikes are some of the most common sources of system failures in businesses, shutting down your ability to use phones and other types of electronic systems upon which you rely heavily. You should not have to go day to day worrying about operations of your systems and their reaction to power related issues.

Protection Where It Counts

Smart Power Systems offers our Guardian with Transformer Based Filter (TBF™) technology for complete power protection for your business. The Smart Power Systems’ electronic power conditioners help protect electronic system and components from high voltage surges. The Guardian also work to prevent low voltage spikes and the elimination of downtime and complications from disruptive line noise.

Using TBF™ technology to deliver clean power and unparalleled performance, you’ll never have to worry again when it comes to power protection. Whether you experience a minor or major power spike, our Guardian system will protect your business and keep your bottom line safe. For more information about what our Guardian can do for you, contact us today.

Why Power Protection is Critical to System Performance

• Reduce unnecessary service calls due to power issues
• Eliminate downtime due to power related problems
• Protect your investment by reducing the need to repair or replace equipment and components

High voltage surges and low voltage spikes are causes of system failures and interruption causing thousands of service calls annually on all types of electronic systems — resulting in service calls that are avoidable. Smart Power SystemsTBF™ technology delivers unparalleled performance for protection against minor and severe spikes and surges that comprise almost 90 percent of power related problems. Our Guardian products are rated 15/20 amps and protect systems requiring 120/240 volts.


  • High voltage surge and lightning strike protection – Stops destructive surges from damaging microprocessor-based electronics.
  • Low voltage spike and noise protection in common mode area – (US Patent#6229682) Filters disruptive ground wire noise down to 0.5 volts to enhance the performance of electronics systems.
  • The TBF™ technology monitors incoming voltage and will disconnect power during a prolonged over-voltage condition, and then reconnects power as voltage returns to a safe operating level.Prolonged Over voltage Protector™ – (US Patent #6560086) Protects connected equipment against prolonged over voltage conditions.
  • Identifies bad wiring – (US Patent #5721661) Exclusive Smart Technology identifies both reverse polarity and no ground conditions, then disconnects power, making the Guardian fail-safe.
  • Smart ground technology for ground loop protection – (Patent pending) Ground loops can cause data errors, distorted video signals, audio hum and safety hazards.
  • Network RJ45 protection
  • Phone line RJ11 protection


Smart Power Systems’ TBF™ technology eliminates power related issues that cause disruption, degradation, and destruction to electronic equipment. Benefits include enhanced operation, reduced downtime, and extended operating life.

Performance Factors

• Common-mode noise filtering
• Normal-mode noise filtering
• Faulty wiring detection
• Surge protection
• Prolonged over voltage protection
• Correct harmonic distortions (model dependent)
• Compatible with GFCI circuit

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• TBF15P-1120 – 120V/15A, two 5-15R outlets  5-15R  5-15R

• TBF15P-1121TN
– 120V/15A, RJ11 + RJ45 (Phone/Network Protection), two 5-15R outlets  5-15R  5-15R

• TBF15P-1111TN
– 120V/15A, RJ11 + RJ45 (Phone/Network Protection), one pigtail 5-15R outlet  5-15R


Model: Guardian
Input/output: 120/240V
Output current: 15/20 amp
Output receptacle: 5-15R/5-20R & 6-15R & 6-20R
Input cord and plug: 5-15P/5/20P & 6-15P/6-20P – 6 feet
Color: Black
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Response time: Instant
Efficiency: 99%
Transient let through voltage (common mode) (N-G): <0.5V
Transient let through voltage (normal mode) (L-N): <10V
Size (H x W x D) (Inches): 6.15 x 4.5 x 1.75
Net weight (Lbs.): 2.05
Warranty: Lifetime
Safety: UL 1449 3rd edition, UL 991, UL1283

• Tested under IEEE C62.41 Cat.A & B Ring wave
• Different models are available for 120V, 208V, 15 amp, or 20 amp
• Available in wall mount
• Specifications subject to change without notice


POS Guardian Applications

Available in Wall Mount

Connected Equipment Protection Policy

Connected Equipment Protection Policy
At Smart Power Systems, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our power protection products. That is why we offer comprehensive $25,000 Connected Equipment Protection Policy. If the Smart Power Systems equipment fails and this failure allows a surge to pass through and damage the connected equipment, Smart Power Systems will pay for the repair or replacement of the connected equipment in accordance to our Connected Equipment Protection Policy. Click here for additional details on our Connected Equipment Protection Policy.