Hot Temps, Hot Times

Hot Temps, Hot Times (And not in a good way!)Protect your equipment this summer with the Venus Uninterruptible Power Supply with automatic voltage regulation. Ahhhhhh…summer.

It’s the season of barbeques, beaches and weekends by the pool. It’s also the season of increasingly hot weather. Last year, there was a heat wave in June that broke more than 1,000 records across the country—and summer was just getting started.

No one likes to feel uncomfortably hot in their office or home, so we (along with everyone else) crank up the air conditioning and hope for quick relief. All of those air conditioners working overtime put heavy strain on the power grid.

As summer 2016 really got underway, the record-high temperatures continued, putting some areas in the southern US at risk for rolling blackouts, while other places in the Northeast, including some parts of New York City—were placed in a brownout temporarily to relieve some of the pressure on the grid.

When the air conditioner kicks on, it draws a good bit of power that may cause the lights to dim or a brief disruption for other electronics. It seems like a Venus UPS small price to pay to stay nice and cool, but these small flickers of activity are actually electrical disruptions—spikes, swells, surges and sags—that will eventually degrade and destroy sensitive systems.

When a spike or surge hits your equipment, it disrupts its normal operation and reports blue screens, Intermittent rebooting, error codes, etc. Spikes and surges hitting a unit consistently will cost hundreds of dollars for repairs and shorten its usable life.Venus UPS

Fortunately, you don’t need to sweat this one—literally. Electrical systems are designed to operate based on a clean and constant supply of AC voltage. Smart Power Systems Venus Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offers battery back-up in case of blackouts. The Venus is the first line interactive UPS with transformer based filter (TBF) in this price range. It offers high performance and feature-rich protection as well.

It also features Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) which provides voltage boost and buck capability to eliminate power problems created by under- or over- voltage fluctuations. It also protects against minor and severe spikes and surges that cause more than 80 percent of power problems.

An AVR is ideal for products that require constant voltage levels such as ATMs, wide-format digital copiers and other electronic equipment. It cuts the need for unnecessary service calls due to power issues, diminishes downtime, and extends the operating life of expensive office equipment.

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