A severe storm warning is not the only time to worry about power problems

Severe weather conditions can wreak havoc on any business—particularly restaurants that suffer from a reduction in business and loss of inventory due to spoilage.

It’s easy to think about the potential for a power issue right before a storm, but your restaurant could be suffering from power problems even when it’s bright and sunny out.

The truth is, any equipment that cycles on and off—HVAC units, mixers, blenders, microwaves coffee makers and refrigerator motors–can cause voltage spikes and electrical noise. Several published studies revealed that these low voltage transient spikes cause 87 percent of all power problems; up to 50 percent of system failures are caused by power issues. You can’t see a voltage spike, sag or surge, but they are there and, without the proper power protection, you won’t find out until it’s too late.

If your POS system locks up and needs rebooting several times a day, if you have missing orders due to lost communications with the kitchen printer, it’s possible your business is suffering from a power issue. What appears to be “just a flicker” are actually spikes and surges hitting your POS system. The effects of these small incidents can be disruptive, which will then cause performance issues, as well as, build up over time and actually create component failures in your point of sale system. As any restaurant owner knows, point of sale problems destroy efficiency and can greatly impact sales. In addition, the noise, spikes, and sags from other appliances could greatly shorten the life of a POS system.

Venus 2nd Gen with Electronic Power ConditionerSmart Power Systems develops technology specifically designed to protect equipment from dangerous power problems as well as reduce downtime due to power issues, data errors, component failures, and safety hazards. Electronic Power Conditioners protect your connected equipment against noise generated by other equipment and power issues that you can’t see with your own eyes. The Venus 2nd Gen. UPS Series, our latest evolution of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), features our Transformer-Based Filtering (TBF™) technology, an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), and battery backup.

The Venus 2nd Gen. protects connected equipment against 100% of power problems, making it ideal for restaurants that need a serious power conditioning solution. Smart Power Systems ensures the protection of your expensive restaurant equipment with constant power conditioning, voltage regulation and the patented TBF™ technology. By putting this top-tier protection in place, you can reduce unnecessary service calls due to power issues, avoid system lock-ups and eliminate downtime due to power problems.


Don’t wait until the next advancing storm or the lunchtime rush to discover you’re not properly protected. For more information Uninterruptible Power Supplies or other power conditioning solutions, please call Smart Power Systems at (800) 882-8285 or visit www.smartpowersystems.com.