Testimonial – Cite Corporation

Smart Power Systems Helps Avoid Catastrophic Situation

“the use of the power analyzer, analysis of that data and customer support
from Smart Power Systems, is hands down the best in the business.”

Cite Corporation - Industrial Water Treatment ServicesCite Corporation, located in San Antonio, Texas, supplies water treatment services to various clients. Perry Wornat of Cite Corporation knew they needed a power conditioner with battery back-up capabilities for an electronic controller that controls and monitors PH and dissolved solid levels in the water that’s used for a large Air Conditioning (A/C) unit. This controller was located in a generator and equipment room for the A/C. Due to the proximity of the controller to the generators, electrical line noise was getting to the controller and creating havoc with its readings. If this controller malfunctioned, it could possible cause these units to abruptly shut down, thereby causing hundreds of personnel at the building to be let out for the day. This is something that wouldn’t be acceptable.

After hearing about Smart Power Systems, Wornat knew they had found the products they needed. Cite Corporation decided the Venus UPS would be the perfect fit for their company. The Venus UPS Series is the first UPS with transformer-based filter (TBF) in its price range. It has the same specifications as an isolation transformer by filtering ground noise levels to less than 0.5 volts.

Wornat also knew he needed use of Smart Power’s Power Quality Analyzer to text the power at this location. The Power Quality Analyzer is designed to help companies identify and record a wide range of power disturbances.

“The power analyzer helped us with three systems and was able to diagnose and solve the problem by installing a Smart Power UPS,” stated Wornat.

Instrument ReadoutPreviously at Cite Corporation, the location was extremely volatile for a sensitive piece of electronic equipment to operate properly. The huge generators throughout inside the equipment room that were not only audibly loud, but they were adding dangerous levels of electrical line noise that was affecting the operation of the controller.  After having the Venus UPS installed, damaging electrical line noise wasn’t able to reach the controller, as demonstrated by the power analyzer report. Cite Corporation also tested the power from both the Venus UPS as well as the power that fed directly to the controller. There was zero damaging power transients recorded through the Venus UPS, but transients as high as 131.3 volts were recorded between Hot to Neutral (H-N) and as high as 50 volts between Neutral and Ground from the dedicated circuit that the controller was utilizing.

Since Cite Corporation had to contend with generators that created such severe electrical disturbances, the Venus helped by reducing the electrical noise levels to within a safe range.

Wornat also told another story about how Smart Power Systems helped them out, “we provided a controller that monitors water and then feeds chemicals to water systems. If the controller doesn’t operate correctly, corrosion and deposition can occur in critical systems. We had a controller that would not operate correctly due to dirty power. Smart Power was able to supply a data logger power analyzer and with their help, we were able to show the client his power supply issues and the reason the controller was not functioning.”

Wornat also credits Smart Power Systems with getting their company organized and running smoothly again, “the use of the power analyzer, analysis of that data and customer support from Smart Power Systems, is hands down the best in the business.”