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Testimonial – Tomaydó Tomahhdó

Dear Smart Power Systems: I wanted to let you know that thanks to your products, my POS system now runs smoothly. I purchased a new POS system and was disappointed that it wasn’t working properly. Before lunch service, I have multiple orders for catering and delivery. I utilize two kitchen video display units to facilitate […]

Testimonial – Touch Dynamic

Touch Dynamic announces that is has tested and certified Smart Power Systems power protection equipment to work with our full line of products. Touch Dynamic uses and recommends our customers use Smart Power Systems filters and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) models to provide power protection for Touch Dynamic products. Our most popular point of sale […]

Testimonial – Pioneer POS

“…We have tested and authorized our touch solutions to work with Smart Power Systems power protection equipment…By offering power protection with every touch system installed, POS manufacturers and their channel partners can provide an affordable power protection solution that reduces costly tech support calls from customers…” With today’s demanding applications, customers need a reliable touch […]

Testimonial – Advanced Office Systems Inc.

For over 30 years, Advanced Office Systems has been a leading office equipment dealer that provides a variety of Copier, Duplicator and Document Management Software solutions to an array of customers in Knoxville and Chattanooga. “Although the products we install at customer sites may change, the one constant is using Smart Power Systems power protection […]

Testimonial – Accent Business Products

Accent Business Products has been serving Southwest Florida businesses with copier and facsimile products since 1977. Accent carries a complete catalog of color, analog, black and white copiers, fax machines, photo, digital and laser printers and much more. “We recommend Smart Power Systems power quality solutions for the printer and copier lines we carry, including […]

Testimonial – Pollock Company

We place a power filter on all of our installs. I feel that is an investment in not only our service profitability but to our long-term relationship with our customers. If the power filter prevents only one service call, it has paid for itself. Our delivery personnel have on several occasions been able to identify […]

Testimonial – American Business Systems

“As a result of our partnership with Smart Power Systems, we have never had a piece of equipment protected by the Copier Guardian suffer surge damage. In addition, the Copier Guardian also reduces or eliminates unnecessary, no problem found service calls for our business.” Florida is the lightning capitol of the country. Keeping our customers […]

Testimonial – Scheffer’s Office Furniture & Business Machines

“…We felt that using the Copier Guardians from Smart Power would reduce the service calls we receive due to power spikes that would normally cause a copier to issue an error code,” said Amanda Sanders, Service Manager for Scheffer’s Office. “Since these are a one-time investment, putting them in at a client’s location has drastically […]

Testimonial – COBB Technologies

“…The Copier Guardian II from Smart Power is our silent helper. It has decreased the amount of service calls we receive and keeps our customers’ machines running between service calls. Their high level of customer support makes it very easy to work with Smart Power.” With more than 6,000 customers in various industries, Cobb Technologies […]

Testimonial – Austin POS

“…But when we put Smart Power’s power supplies in with our terminals, we never have any problems after that…” Carl Scheidt, a service manager for Austin POS in Austin, TX, typically uses Smart Power’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies in bars. He explained that the bars often don’t have enough electrical plugs and the company has to […]

Testimonial – Cite Corporation

Smart Power Systems Helps Avoid Catastrophic Situation “the use of the power analyzer, analysis of that data and customer support from Smart Power Systems, is hands down the best in the business.” Cite Corporation, located in San Antonio, Texas, supplies water treatment services to various clients. Perry Wornat of Cite Corporation knew they needed a […]

Testimonial – Prism Data Systems

“We add Smart Power in our quotes now,” he said. “It isn’t really even a question.” Prism Data Systems, a provider of restaurant point of sale solutions, offers Smart Power line conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies to their customers. Prism’s Daniel Cruz said selling Smart Power products is convenient for him because he no longer […]

Testimonial – Revention

Smart Power Systems Delivers Reliable Power Protection for Revention POS System Users If you are spending thousands of dollars on a POS system, why wouldn’t you do everything you could to protect it? Eighty-five percent of POS problems stem from power-related issues, and Revention wont let a POS system go out their door without a […]

Testimonial – Desert Business Machines

“Since attaching the Smart Power products to our equipment, we have found that the number of service calls for errant repair codes have reduced dramatically,” said Huff. “Smart Power has saved our dealership money. If your company is not using Smart Power units, you are throwing your money away.” When a technician directly saw the […]