Effects of let-through voltage to connected equipment

Microprocessor-based equipment is extremely sensitive to electrical noise, surges and spikes. In a restaurant environment for example, appliances like blenders, cappuccino machines, AC units, refrigerators, ice machines create electrical noise that affects your POS equipment, servers and computers.

Most people don’t realize that let-through voltage is the key to determining the impact of your power protection. The more voltage spikes and surges pass through to your equipment processor, the more problems your equipment is going to have. Typical surge suppressors, and most high-end filters, do nothing to address 90% of all power problems, which happen below 200 Volts. If your power protection passes 300 Volts or more, it’s useless to your business and the cause for costly service calls and premature board replacement.

Avoid these let-through voltage problems all together. Protect your business technology with Smart Power Systems Electronic Power Conditioners with TBF™ technology which clamps voltage all the way to 0.5 volts — a very safe level for all electronics.

Smart Cord - Electronic Power Conditioner
The Smart Cord Electronic Power Conditioner is available in 7 Amp and 10 Amp with one or three 5-15R receptacles or one IEC.

Take the time to find out how your power protection is really protecting your connected equipment – It may be costing your business thousands in downtime.

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