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Effects of let-through voltage to connected equipment

In a restaurant environment, appliances like blenders, cappuccino machines, AC units, refrigerators, ice machines create electrical noise that affects your POS equipment, servers and computers.

Knowledge is King – Electrical Terms 101

Protect yourself, your equipment and your company’s integrity by taking these power related symptoms out of the equation when performing service calls. It will lead to better cost management and higher service agreement profitability.

Resolving the Hidden Vulnerability in Security Systems

A serious threat is putting many surveillance and access control systems at risk. But this threat doesn’t come from viruses, cyber criminals or stealth intruders.

Service Techs Chasing Ghosts?

“The benefit a power quality program brings to a dealership is to eliminate power issues from the service equation. To maximize profits in a maintenance agreement, it is important to identify power issues that may be present in a facility as early as possible.”

Smart Power Systems’ Technology VS Others

There’s a reason surge suppressors are low cost protection products, they handle a small percentage of power related problems. Smart Power Systems Transformer-Based Filter technology offers a low let-through, providing Computer-Grade Power and a more stable power source for today’s microprocessor based products.

Power Quality and Sensitive Electronics

Protect your business equipment with Smart Power Systems Electronic Power Conditioners with TBF™ technology.

Power Protection for Critical Security Systems

Security systems are designed and installed for protection – not protecting them with proper power protection can challenge any benefit expected from a security system.Smart Power Systems offers a full line of patented protection products, including UPS’s for 100% protection from power anomalies.

James Ritty and the “Incorruptible Cashier”

Since the first mechanical cash registers patented by James Ritty in 1883 to stop theft by his employees, to the addition of electric motors in 1906, the ECR business successfully incorporated machinery to enhance its ability. Following the announcement of the fully transistorized business computer in 1957, rapid technology changes were meeting with adverse electrical reactions. Then, with the advent of the […]

The A-B-Cs of Over voltage

Over voltage, a power disturbance that occurs when voltage exceeds specified limits, may not be the first potential complication that comes to mind when designing point of sale systems or other applications that encompass electronic equipment. However, understanding what over voltage is, and implementing technology to guard against is essential. Over voltage stems from a […]

Who’s at Fault?

An equipment malfunction creates the perception of hardware or software failure because that is what the customer sees.  This impacts people’s judgment of you and your products. What is not visible, and more commonly the cause, are power related problems.  These types of issues can be intermittent and undetectable, except when causing an electronic device to malfunction.  Don’t put […]

If push comes to shove, you lose in the perception game

Many hardware & software providers don’t realize that the effects of transients are significantly impacting their company’s productivity and profitability. The problems described above result in billion of dollars of lost profits to U.S. business every year.

What does let-through voltage do to connected equipment?

Let-through voltage is the key to determining the impact of your power protection. The more voltage spikes and surges pass through to your equipment processor, the more problems your equipment is going to have. Typical surge suppressors, and most high-end filters, do nothing to address 90% of all power problems, which happen below 200 Volts. […]

Old Technology VS New Technology

This might've been the latest technology back then, but things have changed - Just as power protection technology has changed NEW TECHNOLOGY - Smart Power Systems’ advanced, patented technology revolutionized the power protection industry setting a new standard in electronic equipment protection. In the past, this level of power protection was only possible using isolation [...]