What’s Inside the Box?

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” – Stephen Covey

How often do you review your power protection products?  Do you know its “let-through” capability?  Can you be sure it is the right product for the newest digital equipment?

Power protection products can be labeled alike, even look alike, have similar characteristics and abilities. But to understand the difference in each product, its takes a review of their technical specifications. Surge suppressors protect you from high voltage surge, like a lightning strike. “Filters” may offer additional protection to a lower level; however, neither product produces “computer-grade power” necessary for uninterrupted performance.

The Semiconductor Industry recommends protection products to pass less than 0.5V between N-G, and less than 10V between H-N for the best performance, longer life expectancy and protection from a catastrophic surge of their components and boards, the very definition of computer-grade power.

It takes this level of understanding in order to determine the value of the product you’re using. Low “let-through, or pass-through” voltage is paramount to clean power, performance and productivity, which in turn reduces service call and adds to the profitability of service agreements.

Knowing what’s inside the box makes a difference, separating you from like products.

Products with computer-grade filtering
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