It’s Getting Hot in Here!

It’s Getting Hot in Here!Summer is coming and if the weather predictions are right, it’s going to be a scorcher. This winter was a deep freeze in many parts of the country and some weather-watchers are calling for the summer to be as hot as the winter was cold.

Every summer, we crank up the air conditioning to stay cool, but this puts a huge strain on the power grid/delivery system. If we believe the hype, this summer is going to be no different, and possibly even worse. Last year, there was a serious heat wave in the Northeast with temperatures rising to more than 100 degrees for several days in a row. More than 33,000 megawatts of power were used every day just to cool New York City during that time. Exactly how much power is a megawatt? It’s enough electricity to power 800 houses, so keeping the Big Apple cool used enough energy every day to power an entire town.

Where there is more power pumping, there are more issues that can arise, just from the sheer amount of energy that needs to be distributed. It’s not uncommon to see power companies implement rolling brownouts or offer financial incentives to help reduce peak loads on delivery systems.

Although summer ushers in a season of sun, sitting by the pool and camp for the kids, it also brings a whole new host of problems association with quality, surges, swells, noise and other power issues that can cause damage to your computer network, copiers and other electronics.

Mega ConditionerSmart Power Systems recently added the Mega Conditioner to our product line. It’s called “Mega” for a reason—and not because it’s heavy. The Mega Conditioner protects your expensive office equipment—copiers, mailing systems, large format printers and other sizable components with constant power conditioning, voltage regulation and TBF™ technology.

The Mega Conditioner is new technology that offers ultra power filtration and conditioning for the normal anomalies that cause 90% of power problems. These power issues—even if you don’t see any evidence of them—can degrade your equipment over time with repeated attacks. By putting this top-tier protection in place, you can eliminate “no problem found” service calls, reduce the number of error codes and cut back the amount of downtime due to out-of-service equipment.

We all love summer and we are sure that our customers in the Northeast were more than happy to see winter finally make its exit. As we prepare to crank up the air conditioning for the summer, please remember that more power = more problems and that the appropriate power protection can help save copiers, computers and other components from damage as we enter the warmer months.

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