James Ritty and the “Incorruptible Cashier”

Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier

James Ritty
       James Ritty

Since the first mechanical cash registers patented by James Ritty in 1883 to stop theft by his employees, to the addition of electric motors in 1906, the ECR business successfully incorporated machinery to enhance its ability.

Following the announcement of the fully transistorized business computer in 1957, rapid technology changes were meeting with adverse electrical reactions.

Then, with the advent of the Open System architecture in 1982, when microprocessor speeds pushed CPU’s closer to debilitating hazards in electrical circuits that would render it useless and responsible for costly downtime.

For over 20 years, Smart Power Systems has worked at balancing the weakness of the microchip to small voltages spikes and surges.  Our 21st Century engineering protects sensitive electronics; limiting spikes and surges to computer grade level provides more uptime, reduced truck rolls, fewer replacement parts being used, while generating greater profit from annual service agreement revenue.

We design and manufacture a complete catalog of products specifically for the Retail/POS Industry. Our line of Smart Cords, Guardian Series Power Conditioners and Uninterruptable Battery Back-up systems has followed the advancement in electronics to provide a trusted power source to today’s reliable and honorable POS Systems.

Guardian Series

Electronic Power Conditioner

TBF™ Technology, ground loop protection, 2 receptacles,
Tel/Net protection, 15A or 20A
Guardian - Electronic Power Conditioner


Smart Cord

Electronic Power Conditioner
Perfect for places where space is limited

TBF™ Technology, ground loop protection, up to 3 receptacles,
7A and 10A. Model with Tel/Net protection is available
Smart Cord - Electronic Power Conditioner



Uninterruptible Power Supply
With Electronic Power Conditioner

Battery backup, Automatic Voltage Regulation, TBF™ Technology,
6 receptacles (4 battery, 2 surge only), 400VA-800VA, Tel/Net Protection

Venus UPS - Battery backup with electronic power conditioner

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