Before you plug in your electronic equipment

Plug it inEvery time you plug electronic equipment into an electrical outlet, you put the reputation of your dealership, technicians and OEM on the line.

Protecting sensitive equipment from “dirty power” requires more than a common surge suppressor. Surge suppressors are designed for a catastrophic event, like lightning, and have no effect when everyday disruptive noise appears on the ground wire. They simply can’t hold noise levels low enough to be effective with sensitive electronics. Most don’t even begin to work until the spike reaches 300 volts or more.

Studies conducted by AT&T, IBM, Computer World and many others have determined that low voltage transient noise, or spikes, between Neutral-Ground cause 87% of all power-related problems. Additionally, up to 50% of electronic systems failures are caused by power problems.


Studies conducted by AT&T and IBM


The Semiconductor Industry established that power disturbances must be limited to less than 10 volts in the normal mode (hot to neutral) and less than .5 volts (1/2 of one volt) in the common mode (neutral to ground) in order for electronic equipment to perform as intended.

Smart Power Systems provides the highest level of filtering for uncertain power conditions as defined by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) in their testing guideline labeled IEEE C62.41.

Founded in 1984 by an electrical engineer specializing in power quality, today we have a full range of products designed to address all power related issues.

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