Power Quality and Sensitive Electronics

Power Quality and Sensitive ElectronicsThe Electric Power Research Institute has found that approximately 80 percent of all power quality problems may actually result from inadequate wiring or grounding on the customer’s premises, or from interactions with other on-site loads.

Starting with the advent of the personal computer, Americans and the world have become dependent on electronic equipment. Power quality is required for greater performance of sensitive equipment.

Some examples are:

• POS Systems
• Digital Signage
• Office Automation Equipment
• Servers
• ATM/Gaming Machines
• AV Systems
• Security Systems
• Telecommunications

You may not have noticed power anomalies in the past because traditional electrical equipment such as motors, solenoids and electromechanical controls do not react to short-term electrical disturbances.

Problems resulting from power quality instabilities are:

  • Automatic Reboot
  • Data Errors
  • Premature Equipment Failure
  • System Lock-up
  • Excessive Service Calls

Distorted power, or dirty power, is introduced into the distribution system from within the workplace environment. The following is a short list of equipment that can contribute to power quality problems:

The increasing dependence upon electronic equipment has heightened awareness for quality power.

Understanding and Avoiding Commercial Power Disturbances
Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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