Feeling Dirty? (Power, That Is)

Feeling Dirty? (Power, That Is)From time to time, you’ll hear us reference “dirty power” when talking about our products. The Smart Power development team spends so much time thinking about dirty power, it’s several degrees hotter in their offices than anywhere else in the building (just kidding).

What is dirty power and where does it come from?

While the name suggests something a little scandalous, the term “dirty power” actually references the electrical abnormalities that form — spikes, surges, sags, frequency variations and noise — from frequent interruptions in the flow of electricity. These incidents pollute the current that powers your computer, security systems, copiers and other equipment.

Unfortunately, dirty power is a phenomenon that occurs everywhere. It’s nothing that you or your staff is doing incorrectly — fix faults in your power company’s delivery system, or natural events like lightning can affect electrical currents before they even reach your business.

Even if the electricity is unaffected when it reaches your network, you’re still not in the clear. Office and retail equipment generate their own version of dirty power through daily use. Equipment that gets turned on and off or runs in cycles, like air conditioners, can contribute to dirty power. In this case, more equipment = more problems.

There are a lot of sources that generate dirty power, ranging from air conditioners, air compressors, refrigerators, appliances, to laser printers, light dimmers and fluorescent lighting. Basically everything you probably have in your office, store or restaurant.

Once it’s created, dirty power travels throughout your building and network, exposing all of your and your neighbor’s electronics to electrical disruptions that can harm their equipment.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent dirty power from affecting you and your operations. At Smart Power Systems, we spend a lot of time studying electricity and how to protect your technology investments from unforeseen issues such as fried or overheated equipment and “no problem found” service calls.

Mega ConditionerSmart Power Systems recently introduced the “Mega Conditioner,” the most advanced electronic power conditioner on the market for HALF the price and a QUARTER of the weight of traditional isolation transformer line conditioners.
The Mega Conditioner is an ultra-power conditioner with voltage regulation for copiers, mailing systems, large format printers and other office equipment. It filters out the noise that causes 90 percent of all power incidents, which can degrade and ultimately destroy equipment. The Mega Conditioner provides ultimate power conditioning and voltage regulation. The unit has a site wiring fault indicator, so you can see exactly where the problems are coming from.

The Mega Conditioner addresses problems not solved by traditional power filters. It helps increase productivity and profitability by reducing downtime, service calls and error codes.

For more information about the Mega Conditioner, click here or call 1-800-882-8285.