Warning! Don’t be liable for this!

Warning! Don't be liable for this!Warning! Don't be liable for this!Not all power protection equipment in the market is GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) compatible. Typically, GFCI’s are installed in environments where electricity and water are present like restaurant kitchens, bars, C-stores, retail locations and homes. When installed properly, a GFCI could prevent over two-thirds of the hundreds of electrocutions still occurring each year in homes and businesses. Installation of the device could also prevent thousands of burn and electric shock injuries each year.

Line conditioners or power conditioners with an isolation transformer will disable a GFCI’s safety function, thus creating a dangerous work environment that makes employees susceptible to shock or severe injury.

Many dealers and distributors do not realize that they could be liable for injuries caused by a product they’ve installed or sold.

Smart Power Systems’ Transformer-Based Filters including the POS Guardian and Smart Cord are all compatible with GFCI outlets and DO NOT disable the GFCI safety performance.