Testimonial – Schoon Corporation

Hello Bill:

Thanks for all your help.

Smart Power Systems – a health insurance policy for digital equipment.  We do not lease or sell a machine, copier or fax, without a Smart Transformer-Based Filter.  We are a digital copy machine and fax dealer and just recently installed a machine in a chiropractor’s office. The red light on the TBF lit up.

“…The “old” building had so many wiring faults that we really had to search for adequate power and then give a seminar about why they were not to remove the TBF from the copy machine.  These little units have saved us so many times that even if it is a contract machine, we send the TBF out on our dime and then retrieve it when the contract is up…”

 This is a very small investment to retain customer’s confidence and reduce our repair calls.  We really thank Smart Power Systems’ support team including Vincent DeMaio, Bill Pogo, William Cook, Mr. Seirafi, and Craig.


Bob Schoon – President
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