The Mystery of the Office Ghost

It’s funny to joke about the company “ghost” that causes strange happenings around the office. It’s no coincidence that the “ghosts” who plague office buildings also tend to be technology-savvy. In the hands of the supernatural, printers have unexplained issues and copiers suddenly spring into action, spitting out pages at random. Even after a service call, the copier may still act possessed, flashing error codes and reporting paper jams.

Although it’s tempting to call the Ghost Hunters and prepare for an after-dark intervention, consider what other unseen phenomena could cause these things to happen. In fact, soda machines, elevators and air conditioners turning on and off are what create the spikes, line noise and sags that affect the performance of copiers and other office equipment.

When a spike hits a copier, it disrupts the equipment’s normal operation and gives the user error codes, paper jams, etc. Spikes and surges hitting the copier consistently will degrade and ultimately destroy the unit.

Many are surprised to learn that conventional surge suppressors only protect against two percent of electrical anomalies, such as rare lightning strikes, but it’s open season for smaller, constant power problems that cause disruption, degradation and destruction.

Don’t let ghosts, or the more likely culprit—electrical issues—compromise the quality work your company is known for. The Copier Guardian II Electronic Power Conditioner is a complete power filter solution that offers the cleanest power in the industry for copiers, fax machines, phone systems, and other office equipment. Smart Power Systems’ patented electronic power conditioners protect copiers against 90% of power problems including spikes, surges and line noise.

Office Environment

The revolutionary Copier Guardian II cuts the need for unnecessary service calls due to power issues, diminishes downtime, protects your investment by reducing the need to repair or replace copiers and extends the operating life of expensive office equipment.

We guarantee that the Copier Guardian Electronic Power Conditioner will be more effective in eliminating office equipment malfunctions than a call to the Ghostbusters. Don’t let electrical problems chip away at your bottom line. Call us today!