The “When” Question Answered

“The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office suffered an estimated $70,000 in damages Aug. 31, when a surge fried nine work stations, fire alarms, office equipment, electronic surveillance equipment, electric door locks and other devices. The surge followed a power failure…”   – The Union Democrat, Sonora, CA

“Where” and “when” are two of the questions in discussing the destructive nature of power problems. 

The above occurrence could happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere, as reported by The Union Democrat.

The good news is you can protect yourself from the harmful, catastrophic effects with quality power protection products.  The fact, “the surge followed a power failure,” says common surge suppressors could not prevent the loss of equipment.  When power was returned, it’s as if the flood gates were opened to voltages reaching more than 160V before nominal voltage was restored.

“Swells, or over voltages,” one of nine power problems, are not necessarily high voltage surges, like lightning strikes.  They can be much lower in voltage, lasting longer periods of time, but can be just as destructive.

Venus UPS - Battery backup with electronic power conditioner and automatic voltage regulationIn this case, possible solutions would be power conditionersUPS’, or Smart Power Systems Transformer Based Filter (TBF®) Guardian series with over voltage protection.

Its open relay system checks voltage before turning itself on, then continues to monitor the power line and disconnects if a prolonged over voltage occurs.  Once the voltage returns to normal, power is restored to the connected equipment.

Protect your company’s products and reputation with the right protection products. Designing protecting equipment is what we do best; our products safeguard what you do best.

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