Testimonial – Zeno Imaging

Zeno ImagingZeno Imaging, a leading Texas-based provider of office equipment and document management solutions, realizes that customers demand a clear return on investment for technology dollars spent. As an IT service provider, they take those demands seriously by installing Smart Power Systems’ power protection devices on every piece of office equipment in the field.

“Our customers depend on us to provide reliable solutions that keep their business operating efficiently,” commented Michael Hippler, Director of Service for Zeno Imaging. “We have calculated that if the power protection device saves only one service call, then it has paid for itself.” He added that power protection has significantly reduced high call volume for error codes, board replacements and “no problem found” service calls, reduced their parts expense, and improved first call effectiveness.

“…Zeno Imaging has been using Smart Power products for years because it has been the only one that has eliminated power problems including noise which causes error codes and “no problem found” service calls…”