Q&A – What is power quality?

In its broadest sense, power quality is a set of boundaries that allows electronic systems to function in their intended manner without significant loss of performance or life. The term is used to describe electric power that drives an electronic systems and the system’s ability to function properly with that electric power. Without the proper power, electronic systems may malfunction, fail prematurely or not operate at all. There are many ways in which electric power can be of poor quality and many more causes of such poor quality power.

For environments like a restaurant or office setting, computers run their best on clean computer grade power. Microprocessor-based equipment is susceptible to product degradation and potential malfunction when not running on clean power. Implementing a computer-based power protection device increases up-time by eliminating dirty power which is always present when microprocessor-based equipment is installed at sites with other equipment such as freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, laser printers, air conditioners, heaters, and elevators that run simultaneously. These products all cycle on and off throwing transient spikes throughout the facility. Ensuring clean computer-grade power will enable business owners to extend the life of their IT equipment and eliminate the number of “No problem found service calls” which inevitably decreases the total cost of ownership invested in IT and office automation equipment.”

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