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What does let-through voltage do to connected equipment?

Let-through voltage is the key to determining the impact of your power protection. The more voltage spikes and surges pass through to your equipment processor, the more problems your equipment is going to have. Typical surge suppressors, and most high-end filters, do nothing to address 90% of all power problems, which happen below 200 Volts. […]

Q&A – Why should I purchase an Electronic Power Conditioner from Smart Power?

It is difficult to place a dollar figure on how much can be saved by protecting your Point of Sale System with Electronic Power Conditioners (POS Guardian or Smart Cord) from Smart Power Systems. Consider these facts… An Electronic Power Conditioner will: • Increase uptime • Reduce service calls • Extend the life of your […]

Q&A – What is power quality?

In its broadest sense, power quality is a set of boundaries that allows electronic systems to function in their intended manner without significant loss of performance or life. The term is used to describe electric power that drives an electronic systems and the system’s ability to function properly with that electric power. Without the proper […]

Q&A – Do I need power protection even if I have a dedicated line?

Dedicated lines terminate at the main electrical panel, the connecting point for all loads, including noise generating loads. Dedicated lines offer no protection against power surges and noise generated by neighborhood industrial equipment or lightning strike transients. The Electronic Power Conditioners (TBF™) can be thought of as a portable dedicated line, able to move from […]

Q&A – Why do I need power protection if I have a maintenance contract?

(A) MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS DON’T COVER EVERYTHING! – Most maintenance contracts don’t cover damage due to power problems. If it is determined that power quality is the reason for repair, you may have to pay for the repair. Eliminating one repair caused by dirty power will likely pay for the Electronic Power Conditioner. (B) MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS […]

Q & A – What are the symptoms of dirty power?

If you are experiencing any of the following, your equipment may be driven by “poor power conditions”: • Blue Screens of Death • Unexpected Downtime • Confusing Error Codes • Excessive “no-trouble-found” Service Calls • Poor Print Quality or Phantom Paper Jams • Premature Circuit Board Replacement (Not attributed to lightning or power surges) • […]

Q&A – Is your surge suppressor really protecting your equipment?

Surge suppressors are designed for catastrophic events, like lightning. They simply don’t hold noise levels down to a level low enough to be effective. The vast majority of them do not even begin to work until the spike level reaches 350 volts or more. Surge suppressors provide no common mode noise protection (the worst type […]