Q&A – Why do I need power protection if I have a maintenance contract?

(A) MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS DON’T COVER EVERYTHING! – Most maintenance contracts don’t cover damage due to power problems. If it is determined that power quality is the reason for repair, you may have to pay for the repair. Eliminating one repair caused by dirty power will likely pay for the Electronic Power Conditioner.

(B) MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS DON’T REDUCE DOWNTIME – Downtime costs money, even if you have a maintenance contract. Murphy’s Law dictates that your copier, fax, or point-of-sale system will fail during the most important jobs of the year. You have invested money in equipment that works, not one that sits idly waiting for the service technician. Our Electronic Power Conditioners dramatically reduce downtime, typically paying for itself in a few months.

(C) STABILIZE MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS COSTS – Maintenance contract providers must make a profit on the contract. If they must make an excessive number of calls at your site due to poor power quality, they will have to increase the maintenance contract price to recover their dollar losses. Our Electronic Power Conditioner will reduce your required service calls significantly, and help you stabilize maintenance costs.

Please contact one our knowledgeable representatives at 800-882-8285 and see how much you can save by using an Electronic Power Conditioner with patented TBF™ technology. There is an Electronic Power Conditioner for every application.