Q & A – What are the symptoms of dirty power?

If you are experiencing any of the following, your equipment may be driven by “poor power conditions”:

• Blue Screens of Death
• Unexpected Downtime
• Confusing Error Codes
• Excessive “no-trouble-found” Service Calls
• Poor Print Quality or Phantom Paper Jams
• Premature Circuit Board Replacement (Not attributed to lightning or power surges)
• And the many other ways poor power conditions affecting micro-processors


Voltage spikes and surges are causes of system failures and responsible for thousands of service calls annually on all types of electronic systems. Oftentimes the problem is blamed on the equipment of software, when in fact it is caused by poor power conditions.

In any manifestation, the effects are the same: they cause sensitive digital equipment to fail or to operate poorly.

Many dealers use surge suppressors that only protect against lightning and fail to address small voltage spikes which can be the cause of these problems. Unlike typical surges suppressors which only protect against lightning (2% of all power problems), Smart Power Systems Electronic Power Conditioners not only address catastrophic events, but small voltage spikes as well, thereby eliminating almost 90% of all power problems.

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