Testimonial – 21st. Century Programming

Dear Kimberly,

I want to thank you and the people responsible for developing your filters YOU ARE THE BEST!  I tell you I am in fact a real life story of how your product is saving my company thousands of dollars in unnecessary service calls.  We started installing our software on touch screen computers at Recycling Centers, almost immediately our units started getting mysteriously dropped from our networks.  Most of the time the systems worked fine, but when it didn’t sometimes the customers would be down 20 minutes to an hour or more.  We found ourselves constantly out on service calls, our customers would call mad at us, some even blamed our software.  We did not know what to do. We started replacing network lines, hubs, and even swapped out the computer units.

I was so frustrated that I swore I was never going to sell hardware again, just stick to the software.  We were losing money on all these service calls.  Until one day a friend suggested that the electricity could be the problem.  He told me about power fluctuations and spikes and how they can cause these kinds of problems we were encountering.  I really did not believe him but he gave me your number and I figured it was worth a call.  Kimberly, thank you for taking my call and convincing me to try 10 units out.   At the time I thought I was throwing more money at these never-ending problems.

[full_quote] …We installed a TBF™ at every computer and we have not had a single service call related to network drops, or mysterious error messages in the software for months!…

I am a true believer now.  I will go so far as to say, I will not install computers unless there is a TBF™ hooked up to it first!!  Smart Power is #1 in my book, I recommend the TBF™ to everyone.  The TBF™ saved me tons of money.  I hope this story helps prevent similar problems for others.

George Kane
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