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Testimonial – Tomaydó Tomahhdó

Dear Smart Power Systems: I wanted to let you know that thanks to your products, my POS system now runs smoothly. I purchased a new POS system and was disappointed that it wasn’t working properly. Before lunch service, I have multiple orders for catering and delivery. I utilize two kitchen video display units to facilitate […]

Testimonial – Touch Dynamic

Touch Dynamic announces that is has tested and certified Smart Power Systems power protection equipment to work with our full line of products. Touch Dynamic uses and recommends our customers use Smart Power Systems filters and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) models to provide power protection for Touch Dynamic products. Our most popular point of sale […]

Testimonial – Pioneer POS

“…We have tested and authorized our touch solutions to work with Smart Power Systems power protection equipment…By offering power protection with every touch system installed, POS manufacturers and their channel partners can provide an affordable power protection solution that reduces costly tech support calls from customers…” With today’s demanding applications, customers need a reliable touch […]

Testimonial – Austin POS

“…But when we put Smart Power’s power supplies in with our terminals, we never have any problems after that…” Carl Scheidt, a service manager for Austin POS in Austin, TX, typically uses Smart Power’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies in bars. He explained that the bars often don’t have enough electrical plugs and the company has to […]

Testimonial – Prism Data Systems

“We add Smart Power in our quotes now,” he said. “It isn’t really even a question.” Prism Data Systems, a provider of restaurant point of sale solutions, offers Smart Power line conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies to their customers. Prism’s Daniel Cruz said selling Smart Power products is convenient for him because he no longer […]

Testimonial – Revention

Smart Power Systems Delivers Reliable Power Protection for Revention POS System Users If you are spending thousands of dollars on a POS system, why wouldn’t you do everything you could to protect it? Eighty-five percent of POS problems stem from power-related issues, and Revention wont let a POS system go out their door without a […]

Testimonial – Rapid POS

“…As a leading value-added reseller of retail and restaurant point of sale solutions throughout Southern California, we need to ensure the POS systems we install run smoothly. That is why we use a Smart Power UPS with every point of sale terminal installed in the field. Implementing power protection is a simple, cost-effective solution that […]

Testimonial – Prism Data Systems

A fully integrated POS solutions provider, Prism Data Systems, recently began recommending Smart Power Systems’ products to their customers. Prism Data Systems has several customers that often refuse to add or modify the existing electrical circuits in their restaurants, so they began insisting that they add Smart Power Systems to avoid power quality issues that […]

Testimonial – Revention

After their customers experienced some unexplained hardware failures, Revention knew they needed something more reliable to protect their customers’ products in case of an issue. Revention, a leading point of sale (POS) solutions provider to the food and entertainment industries, turned to Smart Power Systems for help. Smart Power Systems, a developer and manufacturer of […]

Testimonial – Triphen Technologies

…Using Smart Power products has decreased the number of support tickets that end in “no trouble found,” stated Hovsepian. “Through the use of the Power Analyzer, we have been able to troubleshoot any area that was previously out of our scope of services… After a kitchen printer at one of their customer sites repeatedly failed […]

Testimonial – The POS Man

…After spending many years in the industry, Cibley has learned the true value of Smart Power Systems’ products. “I am very confident when installing a Smart Power product and know that I can rule out power protection as an issue when someone calls in with a problem,” said Cibley…. When Jerry Cibley and his wife […]

Testimonial – S & S Cash Register

When Alegent, a leading healthcare provider, installed Sharp cash registers integrated with Datacap credit card modems at their facilities, they turned to S & S Cash Register for recommendations on how to protect their POS equipment. S & S Cash Register, a leading provider of cash registers and point of sale systems based out of […]

Testimonial – NetWorks! Technology Solutions

“…I learned a hard and expensive personal lesson,” he explained. “I’m now protected with Smart Power Systems equipment…” Headquartered in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, NetWorks! Technology Solutions specializes in providing point-of-sale systems and other technology related services to small businesses in the Southeastern United States. Company owner Guy Fawkes recommends Smart Power Systems […]

Testimonial – Houston Point of Sale Solutions

Houston Point of Sale and Smart Power Systems Deliver Customer Satisfaction …“As a leading Houston-based provider of technology solutions for the retail and hospitality industry, our clients depend on us to deliver reliable systems,” stated Qumsieh. “Smart Power Systems products help our clients’ systems run smoother and take away the headaches of power problems affecting […]

Testimonial – Turn-Key Business Systems Inc.

“…To protect our customers’ investment in POS equipment purchases and to reduce “no problem found” service calls, we install a Smart Power Systems POS Smart Cord or UPS with every point of sale system deployed…” Since 1985, Turn-Key Business Systems has been providing point of sale solutions for the hospitality industry.  “To protect our customers’ […]

Testimonial – FireFly Technologies

“…Since we started using your battery backups with power conditioning, however, power related issues have dropped to something that is rarely reported and we almost never have to replace equipment due to dirty power…” To whom it may concern, My name is Steve Fitzgerald and I make the hardware purchasing decisions for FireFly Technologies. FireFly […]