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Before you plug in your electronic equipment

Protecting sensitive equipment from “dirty power” requires more than a common surge suppressor.

Resolving the Hidden Vulnerability in Security Systems

A serious threat is putting many surveillance and access control systems at risk. But this [...]

Service Techs Chasing Ghosts?

"The benefit a power quality program brings to a dealership is to eliminate power issues [...]

Testimonial – Electronic System Products Co., Inc.

“We believe that Smart Power is the best you can buy for protecting your electronic [...]

Power Protection for Critical Security Systems

Security systems are designed and installed for protection – not protecting them with proper power [...]

The A-B-Cs of Over voltage

Over voltage, a power disturbance that occurs when voltage exceeds specified limits, may not be [...]

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

The Mega Conditioner protects your expensive office equipment - copiers, large format printers with constant [...]

Who’s at Fault?

An equipment malfunction creates the perception of hardware or software failure because that is what the [...]

MythBusters – The Smart Power Way

Electricity is fascinating but many people don’t stop and think about it until there’s a [...]

Testimonial – American Business Systems

“As a result of our partnership with Smart Power Systems, we have never had a [...]

Testimonial – Scheffer’s Office Furniture & Business Machines

“…We felt that using the Copier Guardians from Smart Power would reduce the service calls [...]

The Effects of Common Mode (N-G) Noise on a Data String

Today’s electronics have microprocessors that act as high speed switches. These switches are turned off [...]

Warning! Don’t be liable for this!

Not all power protection equipment in the market is GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) compatible. [...]

Feeling Dirty? (Power, That Is)

From time to time, you’ll hear us reference “dirty power” when talking about our products. [...]

Testimonial – Prism Data Systems

A fully integrated POS solutions provider, Prism Data Systems, recently began recommending Smart Power Systems’ [...]

Testimonial – The POS Man

…After spending many years in the industry, Cibley has learned the true value of Smart [...]